What are Smart Vents?
As a certified installer for Smart Vents, we provide affordable options that may lower your annual Flood Insurance Premiums, while also protecting your home with the best products available.
All vents that we use are from Smart Vents and are FEMA certified as “engineered vents.”   When the vents are installed according to FEMA guidelines for position and appropriate number, they allow water to freely flow into the crawl space or basement and back out again, which relieves what is known as “hydrostatic pressure.” Hydrostatic pressure is basically the pressure of the water (weight and movement) against the foundation. 

We know what you’re thinking. “You want the space to flood?!”
Actually, yes, we do want it flood - and then drain, because this process balances the pressure inside and outside of the home. This is what enables the structure to stay intact. Because we help save the structure, FEMA allows the reduction in premiums. The fact is that the structure is in a flood zone, so it will flood again at some point.
If you already have vents installed, you may be assuming that you don’t need new ones. Consider this. Most foundations are vented with standard grill type vents. These vents allow air to transfer but are very limiting in how much water can freely flow in and out. Mix in debris and they’re easily blocked. Typically, they’re also installed too high to meet FEMA guidelines, which is extremely important, especially if you’d like to reduce your premiums. 
Some of the Smart Vents are temperature controlled to allow ventilation during the summer and then block the airflow during the colder days without allowing animals to be able to get into your crawl space or basement. We have vents that are specifically designed for heated spaces, such as a sealed off porch or patio area. We even have vents that fit into doors. 

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