Client Savings
Let me give you an example of the savings a homeowner can experience by sharing a simple story of a client whose flood vents are about to be installed. This client is currently paying close to $1800.00 per year for flood insurance. Using their Elevation Certificate, I ran the information through a program that Smart Vent offers called “Flood Risk Evaluator” or FRE. The FRE determines the number of vents needed, along with the potential savings on flood insurance costs. 

This particular client will have 5 vents installed. After the client processes the required information through the insurance broker, including the updated EC, his insurance cost will drop down to $450.00 for the annual premium. With the cost of the vents and installation at $1200.00, the client's cost recovery time for installing the vents will be swift. 

The amazing part about this story is that the house is only worth about $100,000 and savings like that will make a huge difference in the quality of life for this homeowner and his family. 

I often encounter people who pay upwards of $4000.00 per year for their flood insurance. Imagine the savings for families with flood insurance premiums that high!

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  1. Didn’t realize that my home actually has something similar until I read your information. Thank you, Brian, for caring!

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